by Mammon

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released June 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Mammon Michigan

Four piece from Detroit, MI.
Formed in 2011, dreamt of our entire lives

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Track Name: Predatory Flesh
Lay next to a betrayer
Secrets hidden in every side ways glance
Contour of a attention whore
I drawl a line in piss
As i fester walking in vultures shadows
Forming this circle in the middle of the woods
“How the young piglets would squeal if they knew how the old boar suffers”
The last words heard from a man of heathen tongue
Won’t stop repeating in my head
Radiant death warms my eyelids as if I stood to close to a fire
This predatory flesh and all of the slaughtered lambs
I have rubbed elbows with splitting blunts in the spirits of my fallen
I send smoke signals from where my words rest
Track Name: Ripping Nails From Broken Fingers
I wonder what empty threats taste like in the mouths of the deaf
Penetrating ears with your Nihilism to the same beat
A sheep that walks in wolves cloaks
It is as if you forgot
How revealing your scent is too those who's
Hunger for torched ties and tongues that don’t reply
Ripping nails from broken fingers
Inhaling ghosts that linger
Barrels of guns that don’t have serial numbers engulfed in murder
First chill ,when cleansing hands that frost in summers heat
My heart is a forest of suppressed hatred for those who address enemies in peripheries sight
Embrace the sky as it falls with dust
I thirst for things that ascend from touch
Lacerations in the form of love
Murder forced in the name of lust
I spit venom into your gaping wound
A beating without a bruise
With only one life we’re bound to lose
I’ll reach my fingers into your tear glands to force an emotion that doesn’t involve approval
I was told it’s a perversion to be aroused by such human sacrifice
But I know how to conceal my erections
Track Name: Gypsies Eyes
Not a stranger to these nights
It takes heart and blood to awake from the dead days that repeat
So far ,yet so close to endings I’ll never see
Slithering from the disgrace of gypsies eyes
Crawling in spaces that can’t be seen from pale skies
Am I breathing or am I dreaming too vividly, too visceral
Bloodletting fear to celestials
I’m leaving traces in sentences
But this swill has me somewhere vile and rejected
Never to walk outside my shattered path
I’ll feed you blackmail while this city Burns
..Not on my time
The devil knows you’re here anyway
Track Name: Lair No More
This Dark corner
Staring into this broken home
Soon to be a just a memory
Dreams like poisoned wine spilt and soaking the earth with our best intentions
These Holes in the drywall tell a story
The lashing words
Careless, unaware of brittle trust
I eat the burden now
Stuffed down inside this stupid fucking body
Once full and bloated of love
Now opened up and hollow
Dirt stains in my scabs
This was our home
You, the pale white horse
Untouched by the bloodbath that is my life
Not anymore
I left our tomb
All i feel is hatred and regret
You now long For a new casket made of barbed wire and black roses
Dagger no longer sits bedside
I, wolf of no pack
Forced into the cold
Regret cast aside now
Look me in the eyes
As I rot from within
So cliche
The curse
Lies dont look good on you
Track Name: Cadaver
Standing in a black robe under an autumn sky
Hands sway for sacrifice
Blade steered by our father
Dagger drawn
Darkest hour before dawn
Illuminating moon through leaves
Fallen has this faith
Innocents abandoned
Bastard commanded
Cadaver enchanted
Ale to flow blood
An axe to stain with blood
Fog has arose setting the mood
I am aroused
Tempted by shouts of the lamb
The blade exposes truth
With pale bones and severed arteries
Dreams and friends turn this into a convent
I Moon chaser
Divine disgracer
Of bloated anger
Of twisted words
Burning its ties
Lance the flesh
Teeth scrape on the chalk lines of victims
Lost in the hunt
Of bloated anger
Of inflicted herds
Accepting how little I mean to the world without self pity
Weaving these dick thirsty opportunists like spiders in a spring basement
Words sharper then blades

A crowd of peers
Steering towards wondering eyes
I'll give you space
Leave not a trace
In the face of loyalty you don't exist anymore
Changed by freezing rain and toxic lies
Enemies of every shape and color
The math of people, always in the negative when on my scale
I'll zero you out